General terms and conditions

§ 1 Scope
For business relations with the customer in case of orders via our internet shop solely the following general terms and conditions in the version valid at the time of the order do apply.

§ 2 Conclusion of contract
By sending an order the customer places an offer in the sense of § 145 of the German Civil Code. The customer receives a confirmation of receipt of the order via e-mail. We will point out possible mistakes in the information about the range of goods on our website to the customer separately and we will present him a corresponding counteroffer.

The customer renounces the receipt of a notice of acceptance, § 151 p.1 German Civil Code. The contract with us is concluded if we accept the customer’s offer within 10 days in writing or in a simple text without signature or if we send the ordered goods or if the customer carries out advance payment.

§ 3 Delivery, costs of delivery, transfer of risk
Delivery is carried out to the costs of delivery shown in the respective individual case. All risks and dangers of the delivery are transferred to the customer as soon as the goods are handed over by us to the ordered logistics partner and the customer is a businessman.

§ 4 Reservation of title
Delivered goods remain our property until their purchase price is paid in full.

§ 5 Payments
Only the methods of payment shown to the customer during the order are accepted.

§ 6 Warranty
It is guaranteed that the goods have either about the agreed nature or have no defects at the time of delivery. That means that the goods are suitable for the use presumed in the contract or that they are suitable for normal use and show a nature which things of the same kind usually have and which the customer can expect according to the type of the thing and/or the announcement made either by us or by the manufacturer. In view of businessmen, qualities of the goods according to our information, the labelling or the advertisement are only part of the agreed nature if this is expressly said in the offer, confirmed by us in writing or marked in the order confirmation.

If the purchase is a commercial business for both parties in the sense of § 343 of the German Commercial Code, § 377 of the German Commercial Code does apply.

Duration of the warranty is 2 years for factory-new goods. Duration of the warranty is 1 year for second-hand goods if the customer is consumer. Warranty for second-hand goods is excluded if the customer is businessman. The warranty begins with the customer’s receipt of the goods. § 478 of the German Civil Code remains unaffected.

In case of a defect you first have the options of statutory claims of supplementary performance (removal of defects or additional delivery). If the statutory conditions are met you furthermore have the right to reduction of the purchase price or to the withdrawal and claim for compensation and claim for replacement of wasted expenses.
The supplementary performance can be refused if it is only possible with unreasonably high costs. The withdrawal is excluded if the defect is insignificant.

§ 7 Consumer information in case of distance selling contracts about the purchase of goods
a) We are not subject to special and not above mentioned codes of conduct.
b) You can see possible errors during the order in the final confirmation prior to the checkout and correct them at any time before you send the order with the delete and change function.
c) Please check the individual product descriptions of our online offers to find out about the essential features of the goods offered by us as well as the time limits of terminable offers.
d) The only language provided for the conclusion of a contract is German.
e) You can submit complaints and warranty claims to the address given in the provider identification.
f) You can save the wording of the contract in your computer by clicking the right mouse button of your browser or you can print it via the print function of your browser. The wording of the contract for orders in our online shop is not accessible for customers.
The wording of the contract is also saved by us.
g) Please check the offer to find information about payment, delivery or performance.
h) In the online shop you are informed during the order about possibilities to identify and correct entry fields.

§ 8 Miscellaneous
The German law applies to the contractual relationship between us and the customer as well as to the respective terms and conditions. If the customer is consumer the valid statutory regulations and rights according to the law of the country where the customer is resident in favour of the consumer remain unaffected from this agreement. The application of the UN Convention on Contract for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.
The court of our place of business is the only place of jurisdiction if the customer is a merchant in the sense of the German Commercial Code or a public corporation. We have the right to go to court also at the customer’s place of business.

§ 9 Severability clause

Should any of the conditions agreed in this contract not be legally effective in whole or in part or loose their legal effectiveness later, this does not affect the validity of the remaining conditions.